Director, animator and member of SUPERORGANISM

Portfolio and Showreel


Hi, I'm Robert Strange. Welcome to my wild world. I'm a director and animator, and I fill the role of visual artist in fully sick pop collective Superorganism.

I make music videos, cartoons, and animations in a mixed-media style. I have extensive experience in directing 2D animation, 3D animation and VFX-focussed pieces as well as creating 2D pixel animation, collage animation and clay animation. I often make use of green screen performance, location shooting and phone footage to maintain an organic element in my work. 

Check out my showreel and portfolio below to see my work or contact my management ( if you want to hire me to make you something cool. 




Stephen Malkmus - Rushing the Acid Frat

Gorillaz - Mexico City Tour Date Announcement

Ben Kweller - Heart Attack Kid

Superorganism - The Prawn Song (Apple Music)

Gorillaz - North American Tour Date Announcements

Gorillaz - Humility (Superorganism Remix)

Hikaru Utada - 『パクチーの唄』

Superorganism - Reflections on the Screen

Superorganism - It's All Good


Superorganism - Night Time

Superorganism - Nobody Cares

Superorganism Fanfiction Episode 1 - Katy Perry

Superorganism - Everybody Wants to Be Famous

Superorganism - Something for Your M.I.N.D.

Superorganism Fanfiction Episode 2 - Jack Black